SmartLipo, also known as laser assisted liposuction or laser lipo, is the first laser device approved by the FDA for liposuction purposes. This revolutionary technique provides fast, noticeable results, all while remaining minimally-invasive. Fortunately, Dr. John Bergeron is an expert in the SmartLipo procedure, and can provide you with the results you are looking for!

About the Procedure

smartlipo procedureUsing a high powered laser, our Houston Laser Liposuction procedure breaks down fat cells through the skin. Dr. Bergeron then employs a micro-cannula containing a laser fiber to liquefy the fat cells underneath the skin, making it easy to suction out when all is said and done. The reasons for this process are threefold:

Because the fat is easier to suction, a micro-cannula can be used during the suctioning process. This is less invasive than with other types of liposuction, and helps reduce stress on skin and tissues, reducing downtime and bruising.

The power of the laser helps stimulate collagen growth for firmer skin during the body contouring process. This reduces skin dimpling and may reduce unwanted cellulite, further contributing to the visual results.

Laser usage also coagulates blood vessels surrounding the affected area, promoting reduced bleeding, bruising, and swelling. This also aids in reducing downtime resulting from the SmartLipo procedure.

Before and After Photos

Cost of SmartLipo

Smart Lipo in Houston has the added benefit of being a truly affordable procedure. Though not covered by health insurance in most cases, smart liposuction costs have come down since its inception and—therefore—can be undergone for cheaper than ever before. Furthermore, at the Houston Liposuction Center, we offer financing opportunities to our patients, further reducing the Smart Lipo cost in Houston.

Treatment Length

SmartLipo normally takes no more than 45 minutes to an hour per area. Most patients will also only need one treatment to get the results they desire.

The Incredible SmartLipo Results

SmartLipo results are often visible immediately following the procedure, and continue to improve as time goes by. Furthermore, unlike other liposuction techniques, SmartLipo can aid in skin tightening, as tissue coagulation and collagen growth are both promoted by the lasers used during the procedure.

The greatest benefit to getting SmartLipo in Houston, however, is that fat cells liquefied by SmartLipo do not return. This helps make all results attained via this procedure permanent in the areas treated.

SmartLipo Recovery

Though minimally invasive, patients will have to wear a compression garment for a short length of time to help the skin adjust to the new shape. Rest and relaxation are also recommended, and normal activities can gradually be resumed over the course of the next 48 hours. Once those first two days have passed, however, patients will usually be able to return back to work and low impact exercise.

Choose Dr. John Bergeron MD for your Smart Lipo Procedure!

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